Accessible Trail Project
The new Veterans Memorial trail was primarily launched through the generous donation by Covanta of Onondaga, through the efforts of Mike Riley, Shift Supervisor, and Kathy Carroll, Business Manager, of $2300.00 for the bridge renovations. Covanta's Corporate office was inspired to match any donations from the community including individuals and businesses, up to $5,000.00. The resulting press conference, where Covanta presented the check for $2300.00  got the attention of Tracy Saunders of Saunders Companies, who decided to donate the gravel for the project.

The renovations were originally planned over the next five years in two phases; the bridge phase, and the trail phase. However, through the efforts of ECK, headed up by owner Tim Nelson, and his son Erik, as well as the above benefactors, the revovations were completed in just 8 months.

The results of the trail can be summed up as follows:

  • The trail is now handicap accessible and safer overall
  • There have been three observation points added to show different vistas of the pond
  • There have been several benches and boulders added to the trail, the former donated by an anonymous donor, the latter by Saunders Companies. There are plenty of wild birds and animals, as well as domestic birds, that can be viewed and enjoyed
  • The erosion of the bridges has been reduced to be nearly nonexistent, because of the culvert piping (which by the way is eco-friendly)
  • The community has been served with a great place to relax, exercise, and enjoy nature in a safe and pleasing environment, without disturbing natural habitat

List of items needed
Project Plans
$8,704.00. RAISED AS OF 10/9/14